Congrats America! You Got Your Third Drive Thru Window At McDonalds!


You need your arteries clogged quicker, huh?

Well, you must be very proud of yourself. Because of your whining and complaining about McDonalds fast food not being fast enough, the restaurant empire has now entertained the idea of a third drive thru window.

No longer will you have to endure the social stigma of having to drive away from the window empty-handed and have to park in that awkward side spot and wait for your “problem” order. “I HATE when McDonalds make me pull out of the drive thru line and wait in a parking lot like a chump” said @emlynnclements .

Because of your complaining, there will be a third window installed in select golden arch establishments next year to directly deal with orders that are “not yet ready”.

They heard you loud and clear, @Humblepie34 when you said, “McDonalds needs an express drive thru line so I don’t have to wait an hour for a mcflurry”.

If you’re waiting an hour for a mcflurry, you have issues McDonalds can’t help you with.

So, eat up America! Ridiculously unhealthy food and a life filled with diabetes is coming your way.

Now, at even quicker pace!

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