Who Are These People? The Real Problem With Cliff Alexander’s Illinois Fakeout

Yesterday, Deadspin posted a story about the serious okey-doke pulled by Chicago basketball recruit Cliff Alexander.  The ESPN No. 3 rated recruit in all the land was widely viewed to be leaning toward hometown Illinois to ball out.  So, with your typical decision riding hat game on full display, Alexander picked up the Illini cap before putting it back down and strapping on a Kansas hat. Cold blooded.

DvrQjBy the way, his dad is a pimp.

Anyways, while the switcheroo was downright ruthless, this was not the most disturbing thing in the article.  Included were home videos of Illinois students gathered together watching the announcement on television.  College students huddled together like insufferable fanboys waiting to watch where someone will play basketball next year.

I get it.  Most of the kids are from Illinois and want to see the “hometown” kid stay home and it wasn’t a Saturday night where they would be out getting loaded.  But, this still doesn’t sit well me.

Call me old-fashioned, but college is about regrettable decisions and “discovering yourself”.  Wearing zubaz pants and congregating with fellow “sport dorks” is how these kids chose to experience higher education.  No doubt, theses are the people that call sports radio shows and play the “GM Jr.” game by proposing hypothetical trades.  That’s who these people are.


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