For Some Reason People Are Really Trying To Save Cursive Writing


Remember in school when our teachers warned us that if we fell behind and didn’t master cursive writing and the metric system we’d never be able to get a job?

Yeah, well that was bullshit.

But, some obscenely stubborn people can’t admit defeat. In fact, they’ve made it a goal to save cursive from extinction.

In today’s world, the idea of cursive communication is being trampled by the public’s increased need for anything and everything with a keyboard and a touch screen. Out with the old and in with the new has never had more meaning than in today’s cyber society.

However, a group called Common Core is making it there job to save the antiquated script state by state. So far, seven states are on board.

According to some studies, cursive is vital in creating “intelligence and grace” and it also and known to “builds brain cells”.

Eventually, groups like Common Core are going to have to realize cursive is a dying tradition. Businesses, schools, and people overall, are more concerned with the constant and ever moving technological revolution. No one is engulfed in trying to replicate John Hancock’s signature from a piece of paper over 200 years ago. Maybe someday, some hipsters will start using it exclusively to be “ironic”, but today is not that day.

Sometimes it’s sad to say goodbye to staples of everyday life and essential tools of yesteryear. Farewell, typewriter. It’s been real record player.

But, the reality is the communication is on life support and rightly so.

Nowadays, if a prospective employee is not up to date with computers and techie gadgets, they have no chance in getting a job.

It’s cursive itself that is on the unemployment line.


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