Mongo Yankee Fans Want Their Mariano Rivera Street Sign…NOW!


It’s your classic scenario. Grandstanding politicians make bold promises on popular issues, don’t come through, and obsessed super fans rebel.

Hoping to score points from an untrusting public, local Bronx politicians wanted to make some positive waves with potential voters. So, they introduced the idea of honoring Yankee legend Mariano Rivera with his very own street sign in Kings County by adding an “A” to the iconic River Ave. outside Yankee Stadium.

Only problem is now that the Rivera retirement tour has ended, the suits are sitting on their hands. That’s a recipe to anger mongos far and wide.

In the final months of the Rivera worldwide farewell tour, politicians were patting themselves on the back with such a grand idea. “We’ll show them we like baseball, which means were human, which means votes”. But so far nothing has materialized. “It should have been done while he was still playing,” said Nicole Saulter, a local Yankee fan with way too much time on her hands.

Yeah, screw protocol of city voting on these things every six months, or the fact that Mariano stopped playing baseball just a few weeks ago, or the fact it’s a goddamn street sign.

In the long run, a Mariano Rivera street sign would be a cute idea for the legendary closer that fueled the Yankees recent success, but it’s not essential nor does it need to be done now.

For now we’ll have to wait patiently to see if a sign in the Bronx adds a letter. No word on if Mickey Rivers will protest the name change as it might effect his latest source of income promotion, “Autographs from Rivers on River”.

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