Follow The Supreme Leader. Rappers Pacman And Peso Try To Become “Known” By Going To North Korea


How many times have you lounged on your couch and thought to yourself, “Man, will somebody make a hip-hop video in North Korea already?”

Well, you’re in luck. Virtually unknown Washington D.C. rappers Pacman and Peso are doing just that.

“This is my only option now,” Peso, who said if it weren’t his upcoming trip to North Korea he would be “doing wrong in the streets or get locked up,” he told the Washington Post. Life must be downright dismal for your last option to be go to North Korea to be famous.

After raising money, securing passports and inking a guide, the duo is ready to start filming a music video for their unnamed and unwritten song this Thanksgiving in the good ol’ DPRK.

Peso added, “We’re changing the game. Nobody has shot a video in North Korea like were about to do.” Apparently, the video will be shot by a cameraman on a moving bus. Certainly, we can’t wait.

Speaking of shooting, 80 people were executed firing squad style by North Korean officials last week for watching “banned tv”. Does this possible safety issue bother the ambitious duo? “Nah, we ain’t worried about nothing.”

In fact, they think the media has manipulated the image of North Korea the same way the media has misinformed Americans about the African American public. “They subject us the same way where I’m from”, Peso revealed. “For me to feed all that just, yeah, wouldn’t be right.”

While race relations in the United States definitely don’t get an “A” grade, something like “stop and frisk” techniques fail in comparison to executions for over crying and under crying at former leader Kim Jong-Il’s funeral.

All I can say is I wish them good luck, absolute garbage gimmicks sell these days, why wouldn’t two D.C rappers traveling to an ultra isolated country?

Soak it up,guys. When in Pyongyang, do as the Pyongyangians do. Now get on your knees and thank the Supreme Leader for this glorious opportunity.

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