“We Want To Be The 51st State!”, Says 29,200 People Of Hopeful 51st State


Apparently, city folks just don’t get it.

Rural residents of middle of nowhere counties in Colorado have had enough. They don’t want your city slicker themed progressiveness and fancy Madison Ave. customs like soap and limits on ammunition magazines.

Yes, a population under 30,000 encompassing an area the size of Vermont have voted to secede from the “liberal” state of Colorado and start their own recognized state. Gone will be gay civil unions and fancy energy saving technology, as they would welcome in non-stop recreational marijuana use.

Ultimately, Congress will make the final call, which is unlikely to pass. No official names have been leaked for this 51st state , but I’d like to throw my suggestions of “She’s a small wonder” and “Ma, look at me I’m a state” in the ring.

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