Jose Offerman Is Not Missing. I Repeat, Jose Offerman is Not Missing

He was lost, but now he’s found.

Bat wielding and umpire punching former big leaguer Jose Offerman has been located. Breathe.

Six years ago, Offerman made headlines for charging the mound as a member of the Atlantic League Long Island Ducks. But, with a twist he swung his bat like a madman at opposing Bridgeport Bluefish.

After being given two years probation for the incident, he went south to the Dominican Republic and promptly punched an umpire. I’m not a doctor or anything, but I’d say he has anger issues.

Now since being slapped with $4.8 million civil suit by former Bluefish catcher John Nathan’s with post-concussion syndrome in 2009, Offerman has been ghost.

But, recently Nathan’s lawyer went as far as to say, he’s missing.

However, after a global manhunt Offerman has been found relaxing in his homeland in DR. He said he “wasn’t missing”. “I’m going to call my lawyer to inform me what is happening in this case”, Offerman said. He declined to name his lawyer.

He went to suggest Nathan’s lawyer, J.Craig Smith, portrayal of him was an attempt to make him look bad.

Dude, you attacked guys with bats and punched an umpire, but other people are making you look bad?

Forget it. I was wrong. He’s still lost.

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