MLB Is Hip, Possibly Cool. Now Has Own MTV Reality Show With David Ortiz

David-Ortiz-MTV-MLB-show-618x400In a truly rare move, Major League Baseball is appealing to the youth in hopes of gaining fans in a sagging hardball demographic.  Starting in April 2014 on MTV2, Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and probable NL MVP and Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen will be executive producers of a multi-year 30 episode reality show that has yet to be named.

The entirety of the show will be set at the MLB Fan Cave in New York City and will focus on the game itself, bit intertwined with music, technology, and social media themed wackiness.  It will also include a closer look at players personal lives and the always exciting celebrity cameo.

At first glance the show appears to be a modern 2013 version of “This Week in Baseball”, which without Mel Allen and the cheesy slo-motion closing highlights doesn’t cut the cake in my book..  New and younger viewers will get to see there is more to baseball than repeated obligatory throws to first and action packed visits to the mound.  This a big step for baseball as, while the NBA and NFL have embraced its fast action paced sports with the likes social media marketing and interactive strides with fans.

Baseball may never be able to reign in the growing youth with a three second attention span, but launching a reality show on a beahmoth like MTV may convince some noobs to tune in.

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