Will Hypothetical Athlete Stock Shit The Bed, As Trailblazer Arian Foster Is Done For the Year ?

131108142452-arian-foster-injury-back-out-cardinals-single-image-cutDiving into unchartered territory, Arian Foster saw a never before explored financial opportunity.  Teaming up with a fledgling company called Fantex, the Houston Texan running back was to try his hand on marketing shares of athlete performance to the public with real cash on the table.

Well, that idea might have quickly gone up in smoke as Foster opted to have season ending surgery on Sunday, to repair a bulging disk in his back.  The sudden poster boy for the radical stock idea is on the shelf and  even more questions and doubters will continue to linger around the new pitch.

Any pioneer for a product has to be unblemished, appeal to the public, and gain the trust of the people.  An inauspicious beginning to a virgin idea can be devastating.  Case in point: Jackie Robinson.  He wasn’t the most talented player in the Negro Leagues, but Robinson’s background, mental makeup, and strict adherence to silence his in his inital arrival in the league made the Robinson experiment a rousing success.

Yes, Fantex has another high-profile client in 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, but their baby in Foster is now a player who will play in his next NFL game as a 28 year-old running back coming off of season-ending back surgery.

Sorry, but I’m a bit bearish on this whole concept.

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