During Tonight’s Cowboys – Saints Game, A European Satellite Might Kill You

9319454_600x338Imagine this scenario.

Tomorrow night, you’re settling in your recliner to watch some Sunday Night Football.  Trying to get “even” after losing the 1pm and 4pm games, so you’re chasing big-time. And just as Bob Costas is previewing his inevitable and predictable bully sermon, a giant defunct satellite comes crashing through you’re roof.  You’re dead.

And the last image you ever have is Preacher Costas on his soapbox with his “natural” chocolate hair.

Well that could be a reality, as the European Space Agency’s ocean circulation explorer satellite is no longer working plummeting to earth expecting to land somewhere Sunday evening or early Monday morning.

I say somewhere because no one has any clue exactly where the satellite will land.

While a large bulk of the one-ton space garbage will be disintegrated in the Earth’s atmosphere, a reported 45 pieces weighing up to 200 lbs will pass through and their destination is unknown.

While most betting men would say it will likely fall in some remote area of the ocean, there’s still that longshot chance one of those shards of satellite has your name planted on it.

So, just in case you are one of the doomed and are unable to indulge in the full Al Michaels -Bob Costas experience, please accept my dearest condolences.

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