Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins Make Debuts. Earth Still Spinning on Its Axis.

andrew-wiggins-jabari-parkerIn what’s sure to be a running theme all year, the two most dynamic freshman in all of college basketball played…well, basketball last night.  Duke’s Jabari Parker and Kansas’s Andrew Wiggins played in their first games on Friday night and certainly did not disappoint.

No. 4 Duke routed Davidson 111-77, as Parker scored 22 points on 8-10 shooting all the while looking flawless in front of the Cameron crazies.  Throughout the game, the Chicago native looked smooth, crisp, insanely accurate albeit against a much lesser opponent.

Meanwhile 1100 miles away, the most famous current Canadian outside of crackhead Toronto mayor Rob Ford and #1 freshman recruit in the country, Andrew Wiggins, introduced himself to NCAA basketball in a No. 6 Kansas thrashing of Louisiana-Monroe 80-63.  Wiggins, who netted 16 points, seemed a little too easy-going and passive, but there will always be criticism when you are dubbed the “next Lebron James”.

In my severely rudimentary scouting expertise and looking at a miniscule sample size, I’d like to say Parker embodies the rough, burly, but remarkably agile game of a Carmelo Anthony type of mold.  While Wiggins with a slender frame equipped with bursts of explosiveness would lean more to the Lebron category of game.

Unfortunately, we were never allowed the chance to see Lebron and Carmelo square off in college.  Perhaps with these stacked teams and two talented freshman we can can see a potential March matchup for the ages.

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