That’s Why You’re A Clown,Bye. Bozo Assassin Takes Out Mexican Cartel King

Someone must have gotten the order from Krusty because it was decided to “Send in….the clown”.

Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix, one of Mexico’s most powerful former drug lords was not laughing when he was fatally blasted by hitmen donning clown outfits.

Arellano Felix was enjoying himself at a children’s party at the lavish Cabot San Lucas in Baja, California when he took two shots to thorax and then the head. For years, he was a major operator of drug trafficking between Mexico and California.

No one should be considered lucky to be murdered, but his death fails in gory comparison to many Mexican cartel deaths that make an art of displaying killed enemies like trophies in public forums.

Over the past seven years, 70,000 people have been killed in Mexico due to drug trafficking and organized crime.

All of a sudden, the South Side of Chicago sounds like a vacation.


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