Red Sox David Ortiz and City Councilman John Connolly Both Handled The Boston Mayoral Defeat Differently

John Henry, David OrtizLets make this official.  The people of Boston elected state Representative Martin Walsh as their next mayor on Wednesday, meaning both Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and City Councilman John Connolly would have to wait until next term.

It’s highly likely David Ortiz didn’t care or notice since he wasn’t actually running (he’s a baseball player if you haven’t heard), but still came in third in the race with 560 write in votes.  Connolly, on the other hand, lost a tough and grueling race coming in second.

Connolly, who honestly never stood a chance to be the Mayor of Boston with a name that’s identical to the imprisoned FBI confident of Boston mobster Whitey Bulger (but there is probably 5,756 guys named John Connolly in Boston), took to Twitter to drown his sorrows and air a few grievances with select folks.

The original tweets have been deleted, but discarded sour grapes can always be obtained on the internet.  After getting heckled by some gloaters of the victor, Connolly took to the Twitterverse.

@RWwatchMA @kfitzpatrick6 You are both classless. You should go celebrate, & stop the negativity.

— John Connolly (@JohnRConnolly) November 6, 2013

Then out of nowhere an unknown party enters the room.  A user by the name of @The_Sull.

@JohnRConnolly @RWwatchMA @kfitzpatrick6 classless? Hey Connolly, this was your first Tweet since your concession speech? #SoreLoser

— Tim Sullivan ® (@The_Sull) November 6, 2013

It then becomes known that this is the former hockey coach of Connolly’s son.  Oh, now it’s getting personal.

John Connolly@The_Sull here’s #2. You’re my sons hockey coach & you spend all your time beating me up on twitter. That makes you classless and pathetic.

— John Connolly (@JohnRConnolly) November 6, 2013

Connolly back with a jab, even though it’s probably not smart to do this hours after a losing an election, but….

@JohnRConnolly I’m your son’s hockey coach? U yanked him in week 2 after you realized ur kid’s coach supported @DanFConley. Obv ur pathetic

— Tim Sullivan ® (@The_Sull) November 6, 2013

@JohnRConnolly ask any parent on our team, we had fun! Unfortunately, you can’t separate politics and your kids’ developmental hockey team!

— Tim Sullivan ® (@The_Sull) November 6, 2013

Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say it was personal? Now shit just got real.

@The_Sull you’re just making stuff up, don’t care who u supported, running 4 mayor 24/7, can’t make all games U r so angry & don’t know why.

— John Connolly (@JohnRConnolly) November 6, 2013

Beep Beep. Politician backtracking.

@JohnRConnolly r all your tweets signed JRC like you say in your profile? Or is someone doing it? Btw, I’m very happy for Boston. #soreloser

— Tim Sullivan ® (@The_Sull) November 6, 2013

Not a concession speech to remembered in the Connolly household.  At least it was kept on the computer screen and not met head on during the Red Sox World Series Parade.

Speaking of World Series, how did David Ortiz spend his days surrounding the election? Strutting down the Boston streets like a fucking BeeGee after winning a a third chip of course.245991542_2796935290001_pappi


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