With No Regard For Human Life, Mike Ditka Had A Heart Attack And Coached The Next Week

Mike-Ditka-fingerDisclaimer-Let me stop you right there.  In no way am I suggesting Broncos coach John Fox and Texans coach Gary Kubiak should be coaching next week in their respective games.  Both suffered heart attack like symptoms that fortunately were not heart attacks this past week. Instead, this serves as more of a testament to how much a psychopath former Bears head coach Mike Ditka is.

Back before he was Will Ferrell’s movie neighbor and back before he said he could have derailed Barrack Obama from being president, Mike Ditka was a football coach (before that he was a player and presumably son, paper boy, etc.).  Known for fiery on the field sermons and downright scary outbursts, he coached the iconic Chicago Bears, the “Monsters of the Midway”, from 1982-1992.  His 1985 squad featured a goofy outspoken quarterback in Jim McMahon and an animalistic defense anchored by Mike Singletary, which is widely considered one of the greatest teams ever to play.

But in 1988 after a daily team workout, Dikta suffered a heart attack which led to being hospitalized in serious condition.  Apparently, the high stress that comes with being an NFL head coach had begotten the at the time 49 year-old.  It was the beginning of November and Dikta was expected to miss a large majority of the rest of the season.

Oh, no.

On the sidelines the very next week was Ditka, armed with a new title of “special advisor”.  Honestly, that moniker sounds like something suspended NCAA coaches would  try to attach themselves too. Anyways, his “advising” led him to take on full coaching responsibilities the week after.  A true lunatic.

Again, best wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery for Fox and Kubiak.  Let’s hope they take as much time as they need as a heart issue is a serious matter. And if you still think I’m making light of men’s health conditions, please refer to the Dikta picture above.

It’s directed at you.


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