Roger Goodell Must Be Giddy As Recently Concussed Nick Foles Throws For 7 TD’s

folesweb4s-1-webNick Foles…Yes, I know. There’s usually a punchline after that.  But, today was not that day.

Today, the 24 year-old quarterback must have thought, “I’m going to be good today”.  Because, he woke up and threw seven touchdowns against the Oakland Raiders and tied an all-time record for most in a game, which equalled Peyton Manning’s same feat when he embarrassed the Super Bowl Champion Ravens on opening night.

Foles, who had six total touchdowns in total this year before today, left the Cowboys game on October 20th in the third quarter after suffering a concussion.  But, not before posting a putrid line of 11-29 totaling a god awful 80 yards.

What a difference two weeks makes.


When asked for comment NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had no comment.  All that could be heard was piss splashback from a copy of “League of Denial”.

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