Last Year, Mike Francesa Said Daylight Savings Time Should Be Cancelled

imageOne year ago, portions of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut were deeply effected by the aftermath of  Super Storm Sandy.  Mike Francesa, a lifelong New York resident, took to his all-powerful airwaves to address the tragedy, the incompetence of the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), and the dismissing of federal statutes.

Yes, Francesa called on the powers that be to cancel Daylight Savings Time because it was cold and dark for people without the aid of electricity and general heat.  While he wasn’t alone on the subject, it was a perfect example of Francesa’s complete lack of understanding that life does go on outside of his comfort zone.

On another note, while as ridiculous as Mike’s day-by-day crusade against LIPA was a year ago, he was actually beyond pro-active it getting things moving quicker for people in need.

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