Surprise, Surprise. Everyone Is All Pissy About Harold Reynolds Maybe Replacing Tim McCarver On Fox

imageAfter Red Sox closer Koji Uehara threw the final pitch of the 2013 World Series, longtime broadcaster Tim McCarver had officially called his last game for Fox baseball.  McCarver, always a target of fan criticism including this writer, signed off for FOX claiming it was his time to step away from the diamond after decades in the game.  However, it seems as if there are a good number of whispers that the 72 year-old was forced from the booth by brass at FOX.  Regardless, the sometimes Captain Obvious is gone.

Ha.  I did it again.

Anyways, now comes the daunting task of replacing the mainstay behind the microphone.  Early indications are that former player and current MLB analyst Harold Reynolds is the front-runner for the coveted position that broadcasts premier Saturday baseball, a healthy amount of playoff games, and the standalone World Series.

Reynolds , who was previously employed at ESPN and by some indications is an excellent and professional “hugger”, has limited play-by-play experience and spent most of his media career in a pre-scripted like studio.  In fact, outside of a few games his only live calls are doing the Little League World Series.

But, I’m not here to tell you the pro’s and cons of Reynolds possibly taking over for McCarver. In reality, I don’t believe I’m even qualified to break down the X’s and O’s of announcing 101.  But, with the rumor of Reynolds being in the catbird seat, plenty of fans feel they can tell us what the smartest choice is and isn’t.  All over Twitter, commenters, and message boards you can find “experts” saying how awful a selection Reynolds would be and how Fox is making a terrible decision.

The fact is we despise almost all national announcers.  They don’t do “our” team’s games.  There is no intimacy and familiarity with a big bucks type voice who parachutes in every few weeks and act like they break bread with your team.  Because they don’t live and die with the little details about our “guys” or get excited like our normal everyday mainstay, we feel they hate our teams.  Even McCarver’s battery mate Joe Buck defines it all in his Twitter bio:

54071a10abc3a682f870c6b527b075a2@Buck-I root FOR all teams, except yours…

So, regardless of who gets the McCarver vacancy, whether it’s Reynolds, John Smoltz, or Pedro Martinez, the people will complain.  They’ll never be our guy who’s with us through thick and thin during rain delays, nonsensical advertisements, and dopey pre and post game shows.  Stop whining and take them for who they are.  National stooges who do big games.

And If you can’t do that, then just hit mute.  Problem solved.

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