Suspect In Beating Beatboxes His Way To A Trial. Rahzel Would Be Proud

How does the defendant plead?
With lots of high pitched sounds like Motor Mouth Jones from Police Academy your honor

Nathaniel Chambers accused of a violent beating at a South Windsor, Connecticut auto repair shop had been offered a plea deal. But, when it came down to business, Chambers launched into his best beatboxing orchestra that could not be controlled.

“I am certain the Mr.Chambers has more intelligence and ability to control himself than what he showed today”, said Joan Alexander.

Even before he was up for his moment in court, Chambers loudly serenaded the courtroom from the lockup outside the proceedings.

Instead of a deal, he goes to trial. He is one of four men charged with two counts of first-degree assault, one count of first degree robbery, and one count of stealing a firearm.

Hartford Courant

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