Tebow Twitter Rumor Proves Why He Doesn’t Have a NFL Job


All it took was a rumor.

An unsubstantiated rumor and Twitter was suddenly ablaze today with the notion that Tim Tebow was back in the NFL. Finally, the seas had parted and the media darling was suiting up and strapping on the pads for the Philadelphia Eagles.

However, quickly the rumor was squashed and like many nuggets on Twitter it was patently false. Even ESPN insider and the voice of NFL wheelings and dealings, Adam Schefter, shot down the resurrection of the 26 year-old…ugh…quarterback?

It’s become quite evident that the said hysteria that encircles Tebow has become the main reason he is not employed. Yes, he can’t throw and lacks many of the simple intricacies that all QB’s possess. With that being said, it’s painfully obvious he can help a NFL team in some capacity.

But, the circus tent has now blackballed Tebow from being productive for any team. No head coach or player wants to deal with the day to day dealings of a superstar bench player. Headaches for his kind are certainly not worth the trouble. His media charm far exceeds his actual football talent making very insignificant for any team.

So today’s rumor spoke more volumes then some understand. His name associated with a team brought happiness, anger, and everything in between, which is exactly why he has no team.

Just another example of how the tent over the Tebow circus has been taken down permanently.

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