Tim McCarver Truly Amazed By The Ages of Human Beings

app_tim_mccarver[1]_t607Right off the bat, I’ll admit Tim McCarver dispenses a lot of GOOD baseball nuggets throughout a game.  Many times he is a punching bag (like the majority of this story) for baseball fans, as are many national announcers who parachute in to do your team’s games.  But, his wisdom is undeniable, especially when he was laying the perfect groundwork of foreshadowing on Luis Gonzalez’s broken bat single to win the 2001 World Series against the Yankees.

Unfortunately for every brilliant baseball display of prediction there are a plethora of duds like the numbers game last night.

In the middle of Game 2 of the World Series in a tight contest between the Red Sox and Cardinals, McCarver decided to put on his mathemagician hat.  In nonsensical ramble that would be expected in a meaningless late June blowout affair, McCarver decided to uncover a fact that would stun the world.  mathematician

For no apparent reason, he let the world know that if you add the ages of Cardinals starting pitcher Michael Wacha (22) and Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogarets (21) you can get a combined total of 43 years.  Not only is recently retired Mariano Rivera the greatest closer of all-time, but McCarver pointed out that he is 43 years-old!  A dubious distinction only a few in the world can attest to!  The other chosen one being Cardinals manager Mike Matheny as Tim revealed is also 43.  Looks like the stat boys were really bored or McCarver had a lot of time on his hands before the game.

In the long run, maybe I’m making too much of a short arithmetic lesson.  But with this being McCarver’s swan song, one would think he would have his “A” game on display, instead of quirky number anagrams.

We can only guess in a “I like Turtles” voice, Joe Buck looked at McCarver and told him he was a huge fan of numbers too.


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