Former 49ers QB Steve Young Will Earn $1 Million This Year and Beyond to Play Football


Who says Steve Young took too many concussions?

Straight out of the Bobby Bonilla school of salary stretching, Young will be getting paid this year to “play football”. Effective January 1, 2014, he will begin receiving $1 million dollars a year eventually reaching $3.2 million at the end of the payout…in 2027.

The whole contract fiasco began when Young decided to go the road less traveled after graduating from BYU and signed with the USFL. He inked a $40 million dollar deal and pocketed four million for his services in the now defunct league.

He eventually bought himself out of the contract and agreed to start receiving the remainder effective this year. The entire payout is coming via an insurance agency. Read the rest of the details here.

Just so you know, Steve Young will be making more this year not playing football than 49ers space age quarterback Colin Kapernick’s base salary of $840k.

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