Chris “Mad Dog” Russo Trashes Carlos Beltran on Twitter. Reminds Us All He’s Still Alive


It’s been 1906 days since the end of the “Mike and the Mad Dog” radio program and finally Chris Russo is relevant again.

After drifting off into satellite “radio nowhere”, the Mad Dog took to Twitter during Game 1 of the World Series. After Carlos Beltran made a hell of a play robbing David Ortiz of a grand-slam in the second inning, he left his first Fall Classic game in pain and agony.

Russo, noted New York hater and San Francisco Giants fan (a team he once said he’d trade his kids in return for a championship for ), knew all about Carlos Beltran and his not so flattering “Iron Man” reputation. So, when he removed himself after two innings into Game 1, Mad Dog did what he does best: Rant.



After he was done, he had broken one of the top commandments of the extremely detailed and superfluous Mike Francesa Sports Bible-Never question a player’s injury.

Yes, everyone knows Beltran has been one of those guys who always seems to have a nagging this or a tender that. However, I highly doubt after waiting 16 years to get to World Series baseball, he’d remove himself if it wasn’t at the time a serious feeling of injury.

Russo ranted on about the toughness of Miguel Cabrera and Hanley Ramirez playing hurt through their respective League Championship series. If you notice, neither of them are still playing and both were a shell of their former self, perhaps damaging their team.

Playing hurt and playing like crap helps no one. It becomes a footnote and an excuse for performance, when in the long run a healthy player might have contributed more. So, unless you’re Isiah Thomas in Game 6 of the1988 NBA Finals dominating with a severely sprained ankle , maybe you should sit down with your bum injury.

I’m not sure if Russo actually believed what he was saying or just trolling for…well…trolling purposes. Honestly, I do miss the Mad Dog. He was that kid in high school that you weren’t sure if he was all there, but he was a fun loving goof you could enjoy.

So, if he was saying what he felt it was classic Dog being a fool. But, if you’re a fan of Mad Dog trolling (I think we all are), look below at a twist the knife “scenario” to Mets fans after being dominated by, an unknown at the time, RA Dickey.






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