Mike Francesa Issues Threat To Fake Mike Francesa Twitter Account

If you’ve been following Mike Francesa throughout his career there is one thing he hates: Change.

Change in sports, society, and most especially technology.

Time after time, Francesa has had no problem showing his dismay in the advancements of all things surrounding The World Wide Web. First, distrustful websites with statistics not located in “the book” were on his radar. Then parody Facebook pages popped up that forced New York’s know-it-all to contact the head of Facebook to have them removed.

I could just imagine Facebook Headquarters. “Mr.Zuckerberg, that crazy fat man from the sports station is calling again. He’s claiming he sat in front of Archie Manning at the Super Bowl as if it’s validation to speak to you.”

But, now his fake Twitter account @MikeFrancesaNY is his current arch enemy.


Throughout the past few days, he has explained repeatedly he is not on Twitter and this rouge account doesn’t reflect him. In addition, we received the repetitive sermon about how evil and illegal Twitter is. Forget the fact in the bio of this “hurtful” Twitter account it actually states it’s a fake account.

But, today Big Mikey had enough. No more mocking him on Twitter, the sports talk behemoth proclaimed today. In fact, the next tweet that he disapproves of will result in the outing of names and professions of the account holders.

Never one to take a joke ever in his life, Francesa once again goes to war with the Internet and once again he’ll lose. Mired in the 1950’s, Mike has begrudgingly stuck to his ways and never allowed any advancement good or bad on his show. Safe to say, he is far from revolutionary.

I’m intrigued to see what happens next. Will the account call Mike’s probable bluff or will the Sports Pope lay down the letter of the law the way he sees it? If the latter happens, all we can do is pray.

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