NFL Proves Their Priorities Are In The Right Place. Promptly Drug Test Colts Kicker Pat McAfee

ColtsHitIn another example of how clueless the NFL can be sometimes, a “random” drug test came down on Indianapolis Colts kicker Pat McAfee after he delivered the business to Broncos Trindon Holliday.

As if Holliday’s night couldn’t have gotten any worse after fumbling multiple returns, he got lit up by the kicker.  Well, the NFL took notice and decided a few hours after that blow, a pee check was in order.  McAfee even tweeted the invitation to the world.


The NFL is a billion dollar business, but sometimes  I don’t get them.  “Randomly” testing a kicker right after he makes probably his most football related play in his life is as random as Mohammed and Omar being randomly selected for private screening at the airport.

H/T to Busted Coverage 

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