LA Restaurant Now Serving Food Out of Toliets. Fighting Back Urge To Call it “Shitty”


I’m all about trying new things and experiencing different practices, but indulging in food in the similar receptacle to where I deposit just doesn’t sound appealing me.

But, at the Magic Restroom Cafe in Los Angeles, idiots are lining up in droves eager to get a table for deuces. Try some shredded chicken or pork and beans in a miniature toilet seat or urinal. What a night out!

One diner loved the experience of literally shitting where they eat so much they said, “It’s really great and interesting for me because we wanted something new to try. This is a good atmosphere for me.”

So, incorporating where you release fecal matter with where you dine is a good atmosphere?

Damn it. I can’t hold it anymore! This is a shitty idea!

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