Reality Bites-Alex Rodriguez and Fernando Mateo Swap Images of Deception


One by one they came to set up camp outside the MLB offices in New York City. With every intention of making their presence known and their voice heard, they sported their #13 jerseys to honor, in Fernando Mateo’s words, “one of the best players to ever play the game of baseball.”

Led by the aforementioned group president Mateo, Hispanics Across America took to the streets in support of Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. They wanted to be heard “loud and clear” that the slugger was “innocent” of steroid accusations and the 211 game suspension levied against him is “unfair”.

Ahh,yes.Poor, poor A-Rod.

Always the victim of unwarranted and villainous bad press from media meanies, he finally gets to tell his side of the story on this vicious smear campaign. After all in his words-“I’m fighting for my life”.

On several occasions Alex has made reference to this life fighting experience. A man who has made over $500 million in his lifetime is now trying to convince an outside party that he is entitled to more money. Apparently in Alex’s mind that’s life fighting. Not serving the country in Afghanistan or Stage VI renal cancer, but convincing others he didn’t do as many steroids as he’s accused of.

From one state of delusion to another we go.


Fernando Mateo, the freedom fighter leading the Rodriguez love train, has not claimed its a racial/ethnic issue. It’s more of an issue of justice and respect. A group under the umbrella of Hispanics Across America waving Dominican Republic flags is merely a visual presence in support of the lighting rod. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like they might be implying A-Rod is unfairly targeted because of his Latin roots. But, Mr. Mateo would never say that. Or would he?

Back in 2004, when Mateo was head of the NYC Taxi Union, he encouraged drivers to use racial profiling because “99% of people that are robbing,stealing,and killing these drivers are blacks and Hispanics”.

Danny Glover just shed a tear.

I won’t sit here and act like I know everything Hispanics Across America does, but I have to question it. The website has Mateo’s face splashed all over like it was US magazine including an ultra important issue in the Hispanic community: A picture of Mateo posing with Leonardo DiCaprio.

But, the most glaring issue regarding Mateo and his organization rings heavy and hard-Don’t they have better things to do? With so many issues facing any and every ethnic group in the country, would defending an insincere admitted steroid cheat be at the top of your priority list? Is a 24-hour vigil warranted for a man completely infatuated with himself to the point of (alledgedly) Minotaur status?


So, as A-Rod meets his “fans” (which I wouldn’t be surprised he’s paying) on his daily red carpetesque entrance to MLB offices, he and Mateo can lock eyes and completely understand each other. Meeting in the middle of a facade they’re selling as a reality.

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