CNN Feverishly Covers Diana Nyad’s Historic Swim. Not Pictured-Diana Nyad.


After about five minutes of the babbling of Bob Lorenz, I no longer had any patience for the Yankees rain delay coverage on Sunday. So, I switched the channel and eventually it landed on CNN.

“The Worldwide Leader in News” was highly emersed in the breaking news of Diana Nyad. Unbeknownst to me, because remarkably I’m not abreast of all the aquatic competition out there, Nyad was attempting for the fifth time to become the first person to swim without a shark cage from Cuba to Key West.  A small feat by no means, especially for a 64 year-old!

As her crew was within sight, the anticipation rose! On cue, CNN began to pat themselves on the back and brag to the audience about how they have been tracking the whole journey in Real-Time.  Like a proud parent with an impeccable report card.

Suddenly, a mass exodus of beach goers flocked to a certain spot on the beach.  CNN stood firmly in their spot repeating how important this achievement was and seemingly ignoring the large crowd forming a few hundred yards down the beach.  Eventually, cheering from the group prompted the live CNN anchor to then guess if Nyad had actually reached the shore.  I guess that was just a minor detail that didn’t need actual “real-time” investigation.

Live coverage of an event at its best.  But, wait it gets better!

With CNN almost out for the 10 count, Maryann Chikowski arrived to save the day! Who is that you might ask? Oh, that’s some random person who confirmed to the the global news behemoth, that Nyad had finished this remarkable accomplishment.  Suddenly, I was bombarded by tweets and push notifications informing me of Nyad based on the word of the worlds newest amateur story breaker.

So while CNN could have provided a truly inspiring live event of Nyad reaching the shore in Key West, the viewers were treated with a split screen of a reporter 500 yards away from her and an traffic cam view of the beach parking lot.

The hell with CNN. When I want the latest updates about the US possible involvement in Syria, my remote will not stop on “The Worldwide Leader in News”.

I’m going to Maryann Chikowski for the scoop.

Click the link to watch the conclusion of CNN’s embarrassment

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