Two Kims in Two Different Worlds


In the United States, the brainless follow the every move of sex-tape champions like Kim Kardashian. In North Korea, they blast you and your friends with machine guns.

In another shocking glimpse into North Korean normality, the former girlfriend of the Supreme Leader, Kim Jung Un, was executed along with 11 other members of the Unhasu Orchestra and Wangjaesan Light Band.

Apparently, the dozen thespians loved the arts so much that they stepped it up a notch to the adult video variety and distributed it for cash in China.

So, presumably the youngest leader in the world decided the actors could no longer mingle with others in the DPRK. Instead of shunning them from the pleasant utopia that is modern day Pyongyang, they were senselessly slaughtered while their family watched.

So,while a woman has a sex on tape in the US and gets 18.4 million Twitter followers, on the other side of the globe a woman’s life is ended prematurely.

Even our unofficial Far East ambassador Dennis Rodman can’t make either of those outcomes seem normal.

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